Discover Our Story

Getting to know us, is to Love us!

Who Are We:

Fussell Cake Company is a family owned business originally started as a bakery under the original name of Fussell Foods in 2005. We were renamed in 2016 and became a traditional custom caterer that still bakes. We care about making a connection with every customer, taking the time to cater to all the details of your memorable moments.

What is Fussell Cake:

With a servant’s heart Chef Darryl took 10 pain staking years to re-create his Great-Aunt Fannie Mae’s famous pound cake to give away as gifts. After years of carousing we tried our hand at sales. It was our 1st customers who affectionately named our pound cake “Fussell Cake”. 

When did Catering Begin:

In 2015, very special friends whom had experienced Darryl’s amazing cooking, ask us to cater their wedding. As in everything we do, we took this request seriously and decided to get our catering license and the rest is history… or just the beginning.

Where is the Storefront:

We are now located at 1205 Winder Hwy, Suite C in Dacula, GA. On the corner of Winder Hwy and Cedars Road in the Shell gas station plaza. We took our fan favorite catering dishes and created a takeout Restaurant location. You can order by phone and email. As always, we sell our best baked goodies & sweet treats individually. And Fussell Cake can be ship, so share it with your loved ones anywhere in the U.S.

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Why Choose Us:

Chef Darryl creates dishes using the finest ingredients and seasonal produce. Our philosophy is simple; food should be fresh and full of flavor. Taking inspiration from around the world, all the dishes on our menu are created with love that can only be felt through tasting. We want you to enjoy every bite and come back to us again and again.

Meet Our Team

Darryl Fussell

Executive Chef

Hugely passionate about the industry, Chef Darryl’s breadth of knowledge and desire to exceed customer expectations is at the forefront of his approach to every dish he creates.

Kimberly Fussell


It is Kim’s extensive background in customer service & general love of all people that fuels our customer connection policy. She embodies the belief that building relationships is the key to successful business.

Fussell Crew

Kitchen Team

There would be no Fussell Cake Company without the “Fussell Crew”. The many faces that make up this essential team are equally valued. Successful work/life balance is the key to having loyal and dedicated workers.