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Daily Specials

Variety is a Good Thing!!

We here at Fussell Cake Company believe that variety is the spice of life! So we offer daily specials That may change as different ingredients become available!


Roasted Chicken


Perfectly Seasoned Oven Roasted Chicken, served with any 2 sides!
(2 Piece White or 3 Piece Dark)
Side of the Day
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy


Salmon and Shrimp w/Champagne Sauce


Salmon topped with Shrimp and a Savory Champagne Sauce
Served with Any 2 Sides


New Item

Blackened Chicken Pasta


Blackened Chicken on top of cream Sauced pasta Served with a side salad


Fish Fry


Fried Catfish or Whiting (2 Pieces) served with “light bread” and any 2 sides 
Side of the Day……. Collard Greens made with smoked turkey


Smoked Brisket


Slow Smoked Brisket served with any 2 sides, and ” light bread”

BBQ Rib Plate


Smoked Ribs served with any 2 sides and “light bread”

New Item

Smoked Chicken Wings Meal


5 Jumbo Smoked Wings, Flashed Fried and Tossed in our Honey BBQ Sauce served with any 2 sides and “light bread”

Side of the Day


Collard Greens made with smoked turkey

Enjoy Mealtime

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