"If you are craving REAL homemade flavors, you HAVE to contact Fussell Cake Company! They have perfected the art of cooking with heart, from the soul - you can taste the love in their food. My absolute favorite has to be their Lemon or Rum Glazed Pound Cakes!! But everything is amazing - you cannot go wrong!"

Mary A. G

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When looking to purchase product from a company to you look at value knowing that sometimes you may come a little short on quality.  With us you are provided with high quality products at a great wholesale value which in turn will help to increase your bottom line.

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No matter how big or how small your business is, we can work with you.  It’s our business to make sure you have a steady, trustworthy company to take care of your food needs.  Sell our products in your coffee shop. Serve our mini cakes with any ice cream served at your restaurant. Whether you are a Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Church, Small Business, or Large Firm, we cater to your needs.

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We are located in Gwinnett County, GA.
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